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Still Life, oil on canvas, 35x27, 2004, By Oleksiy Ivaniuk

Oleksiy IvaniukBorn into a working class family in central Ukraine in 1954, Oleksiy Ivaniuk became interested in painting during his early childhood.  Unfortunately, the school in his native village of Pyriatyn did not offer any form of art education.  Thus, after he finished high school and performed his military service, Ivaniuk held various odd jobs before finally returning to painting.  At the age of 29, he pursued his boyhood dream and enrolled at the Crimean Art Institute, where he studied for four years under such renowned masters and professors as Valentyn Bernadsky and Mykola Morhun. 
Since 1987, Ivaniuk has both taught and created a growing body of art in his native country.  His work has been displayed in a number of exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, and Germany; his paintings, which are heavily influenced by early post-impressionism and cubism, are especially popular among collectors in Ukraine, Europe, the United States, and Canada.

Artworks of Oleksiy Ivaniuk have been published in ContempoARTukraine magazine, a quaterly publication featuring contemporary Ukrainian artists.

Price: $775