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Still Life, 29x20, oil on canvas, Luba Koss, 2004
Luba Koss

Born in Lviv in 1958, Luba Koss comes from a rural background, with deep roots in the Carpathian countryside.  As a young girl, Koss spent a great deal of time with her grandparents in the Carpathians, which exposed her to a traditional country lifestyle.  This simple upbringing is reflected in her paintings, whose clean style and natural compositions often depict things like wild field flowers and familiar items from her grandmother’s home and kitchen.  Koss has painted obsessively since graduating from art school, and her work can be found in collections in Ukraine, Poland, and the United States.

Artworks of Luba Koss have been published in ContempoARTukraine magazine, a quaterly publication featuring contemporary Ukrainian artists.

Price: $1250