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Travelers should carry money, passport, a change of clothes, boots, and other necessities in a carry-on bag when traveling in case suitcases are lost or stolen.


If you wish to bring a personal computer to Ukraine, note that electrical current runs on 220v/60Hz in Ukraine, whereas American current is 110v/50Hz. American computer users can choose from these options:
Purchase a converter to transform the voltage.
Purchase equipment that adjusts internally to either current. Almost all laptop computers are designed to run off of either 110v or 220v current. The sticker on the bottom of your laptop should indicate whether it is dual voltage or not. Adapter plugs will be necessary to fit into standard European sockets, and a surge protector should always be used.
Bring a sufficient supply of software, ribbons, printer cartridges, diskettes, and other computer supplies with you. They are sometimes available in Ukraine, but at a much higher price than in the United States.


- Converters
- 3-prong to 2-prong adapters
- Surge protectors
- Adapter plugs
- Cassette player/ Walkman
- Blank cassettes
- Batteries
- Travel alarm clock (not electric, as the current differences make it impossible for them to run, even on adaptors)
- Flashlight
- Film and Photography

In general, Western film is available in most larger cities, but it is more expensive than in the United States. Most places stock only print film; color slide and black and white film are hard to find. Batteries are also available, but you may have to hunt for the size you need. Take this into consideration as you are packing. Some people prefer to bring everything they need with them, and you may want to take this precaution.


Practicality should be the primary consideration when packing. Clothes should be comfortable, durable, versatile, and easy-to-care-for. Clothes will undergo a great deal of wear and tear due to the harsh weather conditions, semi-automatic washing machines, hand washings, and frequent use.

In general, fewer outfits are necessary than in the United States. Bring clothes that are easily mixed and matched. Business attire will also be necessary. Travelers should keep in mind that finding wardrobe replacements or supplements in Ukraine for a reasonable price is often difficult.

A loop or chain sewn inside the collar for all coats/raincoats/jackets is a must. These items will be checked into cloakrooms at museums, theaters, libraries, etc., and many cloakroom attendants may not accept items lacking a loop from which to hang them.

In addition to clothing essentials, the following are recommended:

- Moneybelt
- Swiss army knife (in your checked luggage)
- Sturdy walking shoes
- Dress shoes
- Bathrobe
- Sewing kit
- Extra eyeglasses/sunglasses
- Business suits and other dressy attire

For winter, these items are also recommended:

- Warm, high, waterproof, fleece-lined boots big enough to wear with heavy wool socks
- Warm, lined slippers with soles
- Warm hat
- Lined, waterproof gloves and lightweight wool gloves
- Warm scarves
- Thermal long underwear
- Heavy wool/thermal socks
- Toiletries/Miscellaneous

The opening of foreign-owned stores as well as increased supplies of imported goods has diminished the need for travelers to bring all their toiletry items with them from the United States. However, these items are generally much more expensive than in the United States and supplies can sometimes be limited in smaller cities.


- Bath towels. Packing a hand towel is a good idea. It can be used in public restrooms and other such facilities. Hotels in smaller cities often have very small bath towels, but not always.
- Washcloths
- Shower cap
- Dual voltage hair dryer
- Shampoo/conditioner
- Toothpaste
- Soap
- Shaving items
- Deodorant
- Band-Aids
- Chapstick
- Sunscreen
- Q-Tips
- Moisturizer/lotion
- Toilet paper
- Pocket-sized tissues
- Tampons/sanitary pads
- Powder
- Cosmetics
- Cotton balls
- Perfume/cologne
- Dental floss
- Handi-wipes or antibacterial hand gel
- Rope or cord to secure train compartment door


It is considered polite to bring small gifts from the United States to business colleagues and dinner hosts in Ukraine. The following is a suggested list of gift items:

- Bumper stickers
- English dictionaries
- Art books, postcards, picture calendars, art posters
- Items with your city's insignia
- U.S. souvenirs (buttons, magnets, etc.)
- Stamps
- Music cassettes/ CDs
- Perfume/cologne
- Ties
- T-shirts
- Scarves
- Sweatshirts
- Additional items from your university, hometown, etc.


- American flags for them to present to their classroom
- Children's books
- English language textbooks
- Mechanical toys


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